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RaIDer - Mi

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RaIDer - Mi (Rapid Identification Detector - Microscope) is a portable Raman micro-spectrometer system used for rapid identification and classification of microscopic samples such as, bacteria, blood, serum, nanoparticles, (any material in low volume/quantity needing a microscope). 

The product's unique aspects include very high signals, rapid, precise and accurate, non-invasive, non-destructive, and easy-to-use configurations.

This is a portable Raman microscope for material Detection. A unique patented collection and Illumination optic setup has been used to efficiently collect Raman signal from microscopic samples to provide high throughput and therefore high performance than most portable Raman instruments. Provides good SNR within less integration time. This research-grade device is suitable for measurements in nanoscience/technology research, a variety of biological samples, and low volume materials which need identification.

The data processing algorithm will identify the individual chemical component in a mixture of chemicals using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods for accurate detection.

RaIDer - Bk

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Raider - Bk (Raider- Bulk materials) is a portable Raman device with a long-distance probe for contactless detection of materials,  such as pharmaceuticals, gems, silk, explosives, and narcotics. Any samples (hazardous, sealed containers, etc.) can be detected using our sampling probe at varying distances from the sample.

Application of non-invasive, non-destructive, ease of use, precise and accurate, and rapid identification using this technology is the backbone of or a multitude of technologies developed for prognosis and diagnosis in medicine.


Raider-Bk provides rapid, efficient detection and identification of a wide range of materials using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. Complex or impurity mixed chemical composition can be detected for the presence of a specific chemical or biochemical material.


Product Video

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