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UMARS: Universal Multiple Angle Raman Spectroscopy is a technique in which collection of Raman signature from any direction irrespective of source position is possible. This works on multiple scattering principles, using many collection angles, 360 degrees from source, simultaneously to probe any type of scattering samples at varying depths using optical fibers. This technique allows Detection of Raman signals from all the observable angles and provides more depth of penetration which has potential applications in non invasive 3D imaging in materials and bio-medical optical imaging.


Our technology is based on the ability to explore the signals from chemical components present in varying depths (below the surfaces of all sides), with a particular focus on biomedical applications. In particular, major technologies are towards a non-invasive, rapid approach to diagnosis and prognosis, tumor detection, tissue imaging, and bone and skin disorders. We also focus on the improvement of imaging at high depth in a turbid medium. In Security applications, we look for explosive and harmful chemical detection concealed inside a sealed container. Depending on specific applications our devices are equipped with a variety of laser systems such as from UV to NIR wavelengths, a high-resolution in-house spectrometer with, fiber optic coupled for illumination and collection.

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