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Improving the quality of life at large by leveraging the innovative technological developments based on our research at the frontier of science and engineering and to become one of the leading futuristic and disruptive technology providers in the field of Laser spectroscopy.


To utilize our experience gained in the fundamental and applied research aspects of laser spectroscopy and applications of artificial intelligence to spectroscopy to Innovative solutions. To uniquely and precisely identify the chemical/biochemical components in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, security, narcotics, gems, textiles, etc. The chemical/biochemical markers of these materials are identified at the chemical bond vibrational frequency resolutions providing an accurate detection methodology. We explore science and technology from a ‘world' where ‘everything’ is inherently vibrating.  Using this principle, we intend to produce low cost, rapid, precise and accurate, portable, and easy to use devices based on our patented technology to be used for a variety of applications.

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